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25th Dierad Treffen - September 2017


Tom Rae

What is it all about? You may have noticed some sporadic posts on the forum and wondered if it is for you and, perhaps, your better half? The event was started some 24 years ago in Germany, hence the name, literally the German Three Wheel Tour, it is a meeting of like-minded three wheeler owners, most vehicles are of relatively recent origins, Pembletons, Trikings, JZR’s, Lomax’s etc either built by the owners or bought by them ready built but we all share a pride in our three wheeled vehicles (most of the time). By ganging together, it is easier to field the usual questions, how old is it mister? You’ve lost a wheel? How fast does it go? Can you use it on motorways? You’ve driven from WHERE? etc etc. The past two events have each attracted over 45 vehicles and crews so you will not be alone!

The event is planned so there is alternative activities for the passenger who may not relish being driven in a thunderstorm or blizzard though, so far, the weather has been predominantly good on the one’s I have attended, on the last two, it was exceptional! The hotel has Spa facilities and it is in a tourist area. Next year’s event is a special one as it is the 25th Anniversary Tour, it is located in the Mosel valley, a premium wine growing area of Germany, and arrangements can be made to retrieve wayward spouses from underground wine cellars etc. Click Moselle Valley for tourist info

The programme is to arrive on the Friday afternoon and check in will be later that afternoon, generally we get a discounted rate at the tour hotel but they are of a high standard and not the cheapest option, a fact usually appreciated by the passenger! It is not obligatory to stay at the hotel but it is the focus for the activities. I understand there is a campsite quite close by and I am sure there will be alternative accommodation locally. On the Saturday there is an organised run taking in interesting places and using "different" roads often benefitting from the inside knowledge of the organisers. That evening there will be an opportunity to meet fellow participants from all over Europe and share experiences. On the Sunday there will be another run though a bit shorter as some folk will want to return home. For those who don’t need to depart immediately, it is possible to stay over until the Monday and it is worth mentioning that the area does have plenty tourist attractions. Less than 40 miles from the Tour hotel is the Nordschliefe (Nurburgring) motor racing circuit where, for a reasonable fee, you can drive the circuit in your own car. It is an interesting and varied circuit and well worth a go, it is also fascinating to just go to the pits and watch the assortment of cars using the track. 230 miles away to the South, (not EXACTLY on the route home but who is checking) is the French National Motor Museum at Mulhouse (formerly the Schlumf Collection) which is a most impressive car collection and, I think I am right in saying that it has the largest collection of Bugatti’s in the world, it also has a Scott Sociable three wheeler so all is not lost!

This year’s venue is less than 300 miles from the channel ports so why not come and join us, details can be found here but hurry as hotel rooms are booking up fast and that is not just hype.

Tom Rae

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