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BMW Installation Notes


Colin Wilson

To all possible BMW adaptors I hope the following may be useful.

Over the past 6 months or so I have built a BMW R1100 engine 2CV race car not a Pembleton but the blood line is there.

A Hybrid class exists in in the Citroen 2CV racing club not to allow faster cars to race against 602's but to allow faster cars to try and match up to the much faster and modified Belgian cars. It sounds daft you spend a lot of time effort and cash to build a car that you can't race in the UK races?

My take on this is That at my age I'm not going to be fast enough to be near the front in 20 minute sprints, unless you are exceptional a 2-3 year learning cycle is needed for that. So driving round to different circuits for a couple of 20 minute dashes is not for me so getting the calculator out and doing some hard sums you get more minutes for less cash doing the French enduro's (6 hours) and Spa 24 hour + you get to drive on possibly the greatest Grand Prix circuit in the world. Eua Rouge in the dark, in the wet mmmm.

So on to the build. Pete Sparrow sell's a kit so doe's Caryl Will's I opted for a Caryl Wills kit but adapted it a bit to suit myself Caryl is for shaving 10mm of a standard gearbox bell housing to shorten the engine gearbox assembly.

A standard bell housing I think is the way to go. If you break a bell housing (it happened twice at Spa last year) hunting round for one with 10 mm shaved off it in the middle of the night is not going to help your chances of a finish.

So the kit arrived with very clear instructions and the correct engine mounting brackets for my Frome chassis along with a modified wiring harness and throttle body restrictors (they tone down the power to keep us correct to Belgian rules)

The gearbox was fitted with a Dyane differential and the plot assembled so now I have a powerful strong package with a higher gear ratio capable any thing up to 121 mph at a reasonably conservative 7800 revs.

For endurance racing where any thing can happen racing 602's is relatively straightforward if an engine blow's up a change in 12-15 minutes no problem. The downside of the BMW set up is it is more likely to break the gearbox rather than the relatively unstressed engine so the answer to that is to have a complete engine, gearbox, brakes, oil cooler, exhaust and throttle body setup ready to do a transplant. I have decided to make my own adaptor plate out of 12mm aluminium rather than the Caryl Will's 8mm steel plate. A different bracket set up for mounting on the rubber engine mounts and my own anti dive set up and I'll be ready for a practice run at an engine change. A lot of work but worth it in the long run.

My good mate and all round good egg Paul Robertson has helped me a lot though we have different views on the engine mounting Pauls view is that the engine should be front mounted and supported at the back of the gearbox whereas mine mounts with the plate twixt engine and gearbox with anti dive support at the front and gearbox support at the back.

I hope the photo's make things clearer but if anyone want's to natter about adaption idea's i'll help where I can.



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