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January Jaunt


David Tocher

I thought someone else would write a bit about the Pembleton Jaunt in January but nothing appeared so I'll write this short report. I forgot my camera so haven't got any pictures - my apologies.

The 2CV Club organise an annual Tan Hill Raid on the first weekend in January and a few Pembletons have made the trip in previous years. It was felt that the Raid was a bit of a procession and we'ed been there and done that and Sam suggested an alternative event. He came up with a meet in the Dales with the suggestion that we bas ourselves on a bunk house in Allendale. In the end eight people accepted the challenge and the bunk house booked. I recall Chris Day, Rob Jenkins, Tom Rae, Duncan Grimmond, Sam McIntyre, Colin Ferguson, David.Tocher, Geoff Hemingway and Mike Bulley but I might have forgotten somebody - old age and memory ....


I must be unlucky but whenever I drive up to Scotch Corner in Quicksilver it pours wth rain. This time proved no different. By the time I got to Barnard Castle, a place I've never visited before and it looked realay attractive, the evening turned fine and I had a spendid run over the hills to Allendale. Most of the party were already assembled bunk house. After G&Ts we went to the pub for a beer (or two) followed by sit down meal. A few drams were drunk before retiring for the night.


The next day dawned with low clouds over some of the nearby hills. We ate breakfast in the local tourist office/craft centre café. We set off in what is now becoming the standard system of a pathfinder (Sam) and a tail ender. At junctions, that require directions, the second car waits to direct the following cars and then rejoins the convoy in front of the tail ender. It's a good system and works well. As the morning progressed the sun came out and it ws glorious! We had some great driving over hill and dale with a mid morning coffee stop/comfort break. We lunched in a a café in Alston(?) before setting off towards Hadrian's Wall. The evening was a repeat of the previous night. Ade Colmar appeared and joined us for our meal. We was on his way to collect his chassis from Phil. We tried to persuade him to call in to Duncan's on the way back home and get the floor panels installed en route but we didn't succeed!

The next morning was bright and sunny but cold. We again ate in the tourist office before preparing for the drive home. I found driving south and east into the low sun quite difficult. Once on the main A1 I drove into fog which made for a very cold drive to Leeds.

In all a great trip which I'g guess will be repeated next year. The only downside was the salted roads. My car was white with the stuff and despite hosing it down both on top and the undersides the car is still showing the effects of the salt. I can look forward to hours of 1000 grit wet 'n dry and Autosol in the spring - oh joy!


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