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Cyclecars Still Rule OK?


Duncan Grimond

Having had a lot of fun with the Benjaustin and being under threat of losing my workshop to a planned development I sold Mathilde at a car show. It happened so fast but I needed to clear space for the next project...

Austin 7 chassis

During the building of Mathilde I’d seen an ad on eBay for a collection of parts and rolling chassis to build an Austin 7 Ulster.

As it was not too far away I set off for Barnoldswick to have a look-see. It turned out to be an unfinished project which had not progressed much beyond a rebuilt sports engine on a rolling chassis with hydraulic brakes and dropped suspension.

Too good to turn my nose up at, it was also on a trailer so it really would have been rude not to buy it!

  Helmut Kasimirowicz Austin 7

It sat in the open shed waiting for me to find the time to get started. I knew what I wanted, not an Ulsteroid in GRP, more a Dixi style sportster after the manner of Helmut Kasimirowicz, a German 750 Club enthusiast. He was most helpful in sending me a CD with hundreds of photos he had taken during the build of his car, albeit by a specialist body-shop.

Eventually I had to find the time as I was keen to go to the Montlhery revival in May followed by another foray to

Puy-Notre-Dame so in late October 2016 I made a start with thin laths and CAD.

Austin 7 body
Austin 7 body
Austin 7 body

Not long after the initial stage I was stalled by a work project or two, both being necessary to fund the project.

At last I have a clear run now but of course, we all know that everything takes at least twice as long as you think and the pressure of a deadline seems to apply the brakes rather than the gas pedal.

It now seems that Montlhery is no longer on the cards, a family holiday is going to coincide and of course that has to take precedence, mutter mutter.

Still, it gives me a little more time but I simply must be ready for the end of May to give a chance for a shakedown before PND...

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