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When the Weather Gets Warm in Scottsdale Arizona


Mark Saperstein

It's been a while since I connected with you all, so I thought you might like a peek at some activity here in the desert.

Attached are some photos of myself and "Calliope" (#322) and a link to more of the cars at the June 2017 monthly gathering here. Enthusiasts (primarily Ferrari) have organized this friendly get-together here for the past several years.. My only disappointment is being the sole Pembletoneer. I still hope to find a prospective builder among the many admirers.


The interest seems to be there but the few 2CVs this side of the Pond are cherished or restored to original. I had no idea how fortunate I was to find a derelict for my Pembleton donor.We do have a small but wonderful group of Citroenistes here with 2cv’s, Tractions, DS’s, SM’s, and even a 1925 type C3 cloverleaf.

I thought I had read there were builds that might be now underway somewhere in the States. It would be interesting to know more about those.

Wishing you all the best,


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