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St Georges Day (= FHBVC Drive it Day) in North Norfolk saw the inaugural outing of the "Norfolk Chapter" of Pembletons. the event was a gentle perambulation of Norfolk lanes covering some 70 to 80 miles, starting at the steam train car park at Sheringham. A pre-pay entry fee went to the Air Ambulance. As ever, there were more than 200 cars taking part in EVERY category of Classic & "Interesting" cars. Apart from 5 Pembletons, the range included a bare wheel Ford Model T racer and the ultimately unexpected, a 2CV V8 automatic! (from SHIPDAM).

Ocadian trip
Ocadian trip

Pictures by Tony Dawson.

The Pembleton contingent comprised Alan (Brooklands 750 Guzzi), Martin (2Cv Brooklands heavy quad), Philip (Brooklands heavy quad, Guzzi 750 from the outset), Tony (Super Sports Guzzi 750 convertible) and Bolide, (Brooklands BMW). Which one is standard? They all are!

One by one, we reached the "display" destination at Holkham Hall and as ever, people could not get their minds round the fact that 5 very different cars were all from the same "mould"

For us, it was the first time that all of our local cars had appeared together and Joe Public was suitably confused. I'hoping that Tony has some photos - mine are 1,600 miles away!

So beyond that, EM and I are celebrating a milestone, "still alive" year, sitting behind Bolide's prow, meandering through la belle France. Various chambre d'hotes/chateaux later, we've had a week with David & Spike, inevitably tinkering with a Bugatti, had guided wine tours in the Tarn, practised our "french" but otherwise been happy to step through doors, opened by Bolide. It seems impossible to stop ( whether for a comfort break during a journey or in a remote Abbey to take in the ambiance) and NOT be beseiged. The most extreme was an Abbey where we preceeded the arrival of 2 coachloads of Japanese tourists ( so more than 100!). They were all motivated taking pictures of the car, than the medieval surroundings.

I just can't bring myself to respond to "can I take a photo?", with "Of course €2!" We'd have made enough to build another.

Boring details - over the past 1,600 miles Bolide has returned around 45 mpg and accepted just under a litre of oil. Well, it's a car, after all!

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