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This summer has been a bit of a let down as far as using Quicksilver was concerned. It was off the road for over a month while I sorted the cylinder barrel replacementwhich I mentioned last time. It wasn't delays in getting the parts (GuzziBits were very efficient and I'd recomend them as a satisfied customer) but visitors and lots of domestic issues needed sorting. Once the car was back on the road I was slightly concerned that the problem would reccur and didn't stray far from home. The weather wasn't that great in Ireland this year with just the odd nice day with a lot of greyness!

I'd been aware of a rattle somewhere up front for a while but couldn't locate it - after all there isn't that much to rattle on a Pembleton. On my return from Ireland I needed an MoT which I had booked for its last valid day. A quick once over and all looked well. Of course an indicator bulb popped en route to the test station but I wasn't that bothered as it is easily fixed at the garage. The man got to work but failed Quicksilver which was quite a shock as I thought all was OK. He didn't like the play on one wheel and thought the king pin or wheel bearing was the problem. I was a bit surprised at his diagnosis as there was no play when pulling the wheel top and bottom but a lot when pulling side to side but who am I to argue?

What to do with the Reil trip fast approaching? Pulling Quicksilver apart, ordering parts and re-assembling would be cutting it very fine timewise so I phoned 2CV City in Bradford. They said they would do what ever was required there and then. Into the car and drove through the mid afternoon traffic to 2CV City. Luckly I had my sat nav with me as I get lost in Bradord very easily. When they examined the car they decided it was the inner track rod ends that were worn. When I bought the unstarted kit years ago all the steering and front hubs etc looked as if they had been done. I had receipts for loads of parts and assumed that the steering rack had been given the all clear but obviously not. Removing the rack is a bit of pain as most of the front end has to be dismantled. They said it wouldn't be done that evening - not surprising as I took it in at about 3:30PM. I went home - bus passes must be carried at all times in case something like this happens!

After exercising my bus pass the next day I collected Quicksilver and drove back to Leeds for the prebooked repeat MoT and got a pass. I did notice that the rattle had gone and the steering felt much better with no vagueness. Up to now the weather had been blue skies and sunshine but going round the ring road in North Leeds I could see a very evil looking sky to the north. About 3 miles from home the heavens opened so I nipped into some official looking office complex that had a lot of trees. On with the tonneau and sit it out. After 40 minutes or so it had eased enough to make the final run back to home.

Having got Quicksilver street legal again with fresh tax, MoT and insurance, personal problems intervened and I had to cancel the Reil trip at the last minute. All very dissapointing as I had been looking forward to the trip. As it transpired the weather wasn't that great so a mixed blessing perhaps!

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