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25th Three Wheeler Meeting Reil


Sam Mcintyre

With previous trips to Inveraray and Holland in mind, there was little hesitation from HRH when I proposed going to this international meeting of 3-wheeled devices in a pretty region of Germany. So on a rainy Thursday we found ourselves in the Guzzi/Pembleton, battering our way through the showers on the way to the Hull ferry, this being somewhat cheaper than the Newcastle to Ijmuiden route.

Fed, watered and rested overnight, we ticked away the 400 kilometres at a steady 70mph through Belgium and Germany, stopping for fuel/wee/legstretch as needed. Traffic and roadworks slowed the pace, especially around Brussels, and after every bump I was aware of every squeak and rattle, in view of recent Forum correspondence. Funny how every little noise seems to get louder, the farther you are from home!

As we came over the crest of a hill, there was the scenic Mosel snaking away in the distance below, and the road also snaking as it descended to our destination in Reil, the very comfortable and welcoming Weinberghotel Nalbach. The car park was already full of 3-wheelers of every description, surrounded by drivers, passengers and locals, chattering away in a handful of languages. Makes present were JZR, Lomax, Triking, DRK, PAC, Crozier, Blackjack Avion, with Pembletons represented by Bob, Tom and myself, around 40 cars in all.

We booked in for the Hotel and Rally, chatted with friends old and new, and then it was time for the first event, the wine tasting. The hotel and vineyard are conveniently owned by the same family, so we simply crossed the car park and were guided through underground passages and cellars as the process was explained to us. No wine tour is complete without a sample or two, so we all gathered with anticipation in a large room to have the delights of no less than eleven different wines explained and served to us. From sparkling through dry and semi-dry to fruity, prize winning whites and experimental reds, we tried the lot, grateful for the English translations provided by Paul. As the wine flowed, so did the conversation, loosening tongues and inhibitions, and we were all best friends by the end of the tour, just in time for dinner. There was food of excellent quality to suit every taste, served by pleasant and hard-working staff, a high standard which was maintained throughout the weekend.

cars assembled
on the road

On Saturday, after the hearty breakfast, we set off in convoy to Burg Metternich, a 13th century castle with a great viewpoint above the steep slopes of the Mosel, giving us a chance to stretch legs and work up an appetite for lunch. This was in two sittings at the yacht harbour in Treis-Karden, again great food. Then the first group set off for the afternoon attraction of the Hängeseilbürcke Geierlay (look it up on t'Internet). At a length of 360 metres, and 100 metres above ground, this is the longest pedestrian rope bridge in Germany. An impressive construction, perhaps not the best place for a vertigo sufferer, and it could be challenging in a gale! A sumptuous meal ended the day, with votes of thanks for the hard-working organisers and assistants. Then came that moment when nobody dares look up or cough, like at an auction: Where would the Meeting be next year? I'm happy to say that our very own Tom and Bill stepped up to the mark, so you can now anticipate a Scottish Treffen once more!

Sunday's outing was a calm and leisurely boat trip on the Mosel, lunch in a former monastery/brewery (happy monks!), and a winding roads tour to a volcanic crater lake in the Eifel mountains. So if you like making friends with people who have similar interests, poking round great wee cars, seeing and driving through beautiful scenery, trying out delicious food and drink, then keep the start of September clear next year. See you in Pitlochry!

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