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The Editor

Another year passes with in my case little to show. Quicksilver was off the road during the summer with engine problems which took out about six weeks. The weather in Ireland wasn't great which didn't help. For personal reasons I couldn't go to Riel so I missed out my annual long trip in the Pembleton.

I decided that my shed, in Ireland, needed replacing. I ordered a steel garage 9mx5m which more than doubles the size of the shed being replaced. I did consider a block structure but the cost is significantly greater. It falls under the planning regulations as it's bigger than the 25m2. I planned to get the slab in before the winter but the planning permission process took too long so that will now be a springtime project. People talk about downsizing as one gets older but I need more not less space. I don't envy my children having to sort it all out when I pop my clogs but I won't be around to hear them complaining!

I mentioned somewhile ago that I bought two Vire marine engines - the same type as I have in my boat. I swappped over one during the summer and it works fine and I repainted the engine I took out. I now have three smart looking engines; one in the boat and a spare in Ireland with the third in Leeds. as a show engine (as the Donald would say "SAD!!!!"). I might go to a Christmas Crank-In organised by East Yorkshire Group of the National Vintage Tractor and Engine Club at a site near York before the New Year - weather permiting. I'll take the camera in case there's anything of interest.

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