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LED replacement bulbs


Mike Meakin

I have to say, I am much impressed by the significant increase in visibility using LED "bulbs" to replace traditional incandescent "side" or "marker" lamps.

I have fitted LED replacements for the 21/5 watt rear, side/brake bulbs and in particular the W5W "capless" sidelamp bulbs (in the headlight reflector). The intensity of the rear sidelights is much increased, as is the "snap illumination" of the brake lights, but the most startling are the front sidelight/position lights, which are bright, cold/white instead of the incandescent, almost orange yellow glow, by comparison.

The 2 images attached were taken inside, in complete darkness, using flash – I can take other pictures if required, but the effect of adding LEDs to the front sidelights is really impressive. The bulbs I used were 6 X smd and were £2.24 (incl.postage) the pair; there is available a 13 X smd LED bulb, so even more "facets" to be caught by the headlight reflector.

Merry Christmas


led lamps
led lamps

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