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I mentioned that I wanted to replace a now tatty lean to shed I build over 40 years ago by a steel double garage. I thought it would be less unsightly , give me more space and look much better especially for my neightbour. I applied for planning permission and after a few queries they granted it with a condition that I site it 2m from the boundary. Because of a wall to a walled patio area it would mean I'd be replacing what I already had with nothing gained except a smarter look. I'd rather spend the money on something else! I'll build an insulated work area at the far end of the shed.

Paul Straatman in Netherlands has completed his build and has now turned his skills to clothing! Here are examples of his efforts.


I've sorted my Vire BVR engine and I'm pleased with the results. All three engines are now looking very smart having been repainted. I bought a replacement carb of the internet from China and it cost less than a gasket set to refurbish a tired genuine carb. It was identical to the Tillotson I swapped a casting from the old one to the new without any problem. I was so pleased that I bought another from a different, and even cheaper, source in China but I was very surprised to see 'Tillotson Tralee Ireland' cast into some of the parts! I felt bad about buying a pirated copy rather than a alternative part but there's not much I can do now. I managed to buy off ebay a NOS Dynastart so all three engines now work without swapping bits.

I had intended going to a Christmas Crankup at New Year but the weather was poor so I stayed at home! I'll book into one of the spring/summer shows possibly at Newby Hall, which isn't far from Leeds, and see what the stationary engine scene is like.

vire BVR
Vire BVR

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