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If you look at the contributors for this issue you will notice that it has relied on a few authors. I do really need more people to author articles if the newsletter is to continue to be interesting - I'm hoping it is interesting - maybe it isn't and that's why I'm having difficulties getting contributions ….

I saw a flyer for 'Sports Cars in The Park' organised by a group of enthusiasts and held in spring at Newby Hall near Rippon and Lotherton Hall near Leeds in the autumn. I signed up for the Newby Hall show after checking that a Pembleton was acceptable. We now have an entry in their database! I mentioned the event to Duncan, as he lives close by, but he tried to warn me off as he thought it wasn't really 'our scene'.

The weather looked promising and I set off in plenty of time to get there before the general public were to be admitted - the first mistake 'cos the punters also turned up early and it was a long crawl just to get into the grounds. The sheep were separated from the goats and I was then asked which group I was in? Not a clue so I parked under a tree on the main route into the display area. A Dutton was parked nearby but that was about the only kit car I saw.

I realised that I was outside my comfort zone when I spied people with water bottle sprays and cloths polishing their cars to remove the slightest blemish from their pride and joy. They must be like superman with super vision to see the marks. I spoke to the few who stopped to look at Quicksilver - I'm not quite sure what motivated the general public to attend this type of event.

I had a wander about looking for sports cars - not an easy task as there were huge numbers of vehicles that I wouldn't consider as sports car - BMW Minis, Golfs and the like!!!! One area was the source of a horrendous racket - I think the younger folk call it music - emanating from a collection of loud speakers filling the interior of pimped up cars. I steered well clear - I already have hearing damaged from exposure to noise as I didn't want to make things worse.

I looked for coffee at about 11 o'clock but the only van selling drinks had sold out so I made do with a dunked tea bag. There were some classic cars including a few MGs and a couple of very expensive supercars but on the whole a disappointing event. I left before luchtime as I'd had enough. Duncan was right - yet again! I'll give Lotherton Hall a miss.

For one reason and another I didn't bring Quicksilver over to Ireland this summer and what a shame. The weather has been really great and Ireland does look wonderful in the sun. Oh well there's always net year ….

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