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Model Pembleton


Jack Salter

Model Super Sport

As a little light relief from the full size build, I have converted a Brumm 1:43 scale model of a 1935 Morgan to represent my Super sport, thought others might wish to do likewise.

This is a straightforward conversion as the model is held together with just a couple of screws.

Using a needle file and 1" belt sander I converted map pins to new horizontal cylinders, drilled crankcase to receive pin and superglued in place, one Matchless cylinder removed, other filed down to represent Citroen alternator.

Cockpit opening enlarged, extraneous filler caps and instruments filed down, body lowered over and moved forward on chassis, spokes filled with car body filler to represent Citroen disc wheels, a little Humbrol enamel and you have a model Pembleton for an evenings work - even simpler if you are using a V twin engine and wire wheels!

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