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Martin Cartwright

Rotner American style aluminium mailbox

Planning for our summer trip we decided we would need more storage space.

I saw online a Rotner American style aluminium mailbox from www. and felt I could customise two of them for panniers.

This proved quite simple. I reinforced the boxes using standard aluminium angle strategically positioned and riveted, and removed the pop-up red flag!

Then two aluminium hangers each side were bent over the cockpit rail (wrapped with self amalgamating tape on the top to stop rattling and protect the touching aluminium surfaces) and bent at right angles at the bottom to support the box. The two hangers passed through two small stainless brackets riveted to the car’s sides just above the exhaust pipe.

aluminium mailbox fitted

Two leather belts were then threaded onto the aluminium hangers around the box and buckled at the top. This not only secured the box to the hangers but strengthened the right angle bend of the hanger by supporting the end. Then a small removable (butterfly nut) aluminium bracket was fixed front and back to clamp the bottom of the box to the sill of the car.

aluminium mailbox fitted

Finally a carry handle was fixed to the top of the boxes and the last job was to hide the mailbox symbol on the front and back with stickers, and the job was done.

aluminium mailbox fitted

The boxes can be easily removed by unbuckling the belts and butterfly nuts and lifting them off the hangers and the hangers can be removed by turning them through 90 degrees and sliding them up behind the exhaust pipe. However, after much use of the boxes (which are idea for lightweight bulky things like waterproofs), I don’t think I will be removing them very often.

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