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Alternator Rain Protection


Martin Cartwright

I have always been concerned about the low slung centrally positioned alternator on 'Bamm-Bamm' being susceptible to rain damage, and as we are planning an extended trip abroad shortly, I thought it would be wise to make a few adjustments to my original design, especially as I am extremely fortunate to have a very competent aluminium welder in the next village.

The original design is shown in this picture (PAG June 1), and involved a few slots cut in the front of the alternator casing with a few 'fake' vents in the side to make it look prettier. I was never very happy with the 'fake' side vents and the open slots on the front offered no barrier to rain.

I therefore purchased a standard 100mm circular louvred ventilation grille and riveted this to the face of the alternator cover to help reduce rain blowing onto the alternator, and I cut two holes in the sides of the cover to increase ventilation flow. I covered these holes with backward facing half conical covers cut from some aluminium tube I had left over from the build.

As a final 'tweak', I cut the bottom out of an aluminium ice bucket and created a small 'bump' on the top side of the alternator cover. I filled the void under the 'bump' with expanding foam for support. I persuaded myself that the now insulated 'bump' was an important modification to keep the housing and hence the alternator cooler, but really it was to make the front of the car look better. Vanity I'm afraid!

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