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Concord Concorde or was it the French one?


Rob Andrew

Reading Niall McLoughlin's report on his Tin Tub, we saw the picture of the Concord/Concorde it reminded us of the one which was flown into Duxford Airfield in 1987/1988?

We all had stayed outside our Married quarters all day to catch a glimpse of it coming in. No such luck! It flew in very early in the morning while we were all still abed. And no one even heard it arrive. (My posting was to Debden a few miles down the road we were the first army regiment to be posted there, but there were no married quarter ready at that time. Duxford was where Douglas Bader flew from during WW2.

The local radio had been interviewing the Concord pilot several days previously and mentioned that he knew the runway was too short for a 'safe' landing, how did the pilot intend to land it safely. (Of course all the interviewer wanted to hear the pilot say was, he might crash land it). As it turned out his eventual reply was "I'll put her down at the very beginning of the runway and slam the brakes on, (Still more queries from the reporter wanting the same answer) OH! I see what you mean; well if I do run out off runway I'll just lift the undercarriage and she'll belly flop at the far end of the runway (Well that'll ruin the plane will it not?) That doesn't matter they'll have it there, and they'll be able the fix it up"

All this was prior to the end of the runway being chopped off to allow the M11 to pass that way. Also the M11 builders used the runway at Debden Airfield as hardcore for the M11 too.

P.S. The same thing happened when they brought a Super Fortress over from America, it too flew in very early in the morning, and we were all sat around all day waiting to see it arrive. As a point of interest; it was cheaper for the Air Museum at Duxford to pay for the Super Fortress to be rebuilt, given its airworthy certificate and flown over from America, than to have it disassembled, boxed and shipped over to Britain

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