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Dave Ferris

Has it really been 12 months since I last put pen to paper.

The Moto Guzzi adapter plates were made up and after a bit of adjustment (one hole out of place) all was going well. I stripped down, cleaned and painted the engine, replaced the piston rings and installed a new oil pump. My only concern was the camshaft which appeared to have been repaired in the past.

Engine was installed and carbs fitted. This is when the problems started. As others have found, setting up the fuel system is a bit complicated. Initially I started with a facet pump and regulator. This proved to be a real problem as the RH carb was flooding and I had petrol pouring out everywhere. The fuel line setup was not working so this had to be re-hashed with a fuel return via a restrictor to the main fuel line before the pump. No luck with this setup either!

Finally, having taken advice from the forum a Morris Minor fuel pump was installed with inline filter after the pump, and a simple T piece to take the fuel to each carb. At last some light at the end of the tunnel, no flooding and some signs of life from the engine.

The next problem was getting the engine to run properly. No matter what I did (ignition timing was set at least 10 times) nothing would get the engine running smoothly. Was it the Camshaft? Was it the electronic ignition system? After a great deal of checking and re-checking of connections the problem turned out to be a simple crossed wire. My coils are mounted on a tray beneath the bonnet cowl with the regulator mounted between and above the coils. To make the installation look tidy the spark plug leads ran behind the coils and underneath the regulator. This resulted in the RH lead being mistaken for the LH lead etc. A basic mistake!!

The engine now runs and ticks over but is running rich on the RH carb (is it possible for twin carbs to need different size needles and or jets?). More adjustments to do.

After all this hassle I was very near to going back to a 2CV engine. Over the last year I must have managed to drive at least 1 (not a typo) mile and have missed all the sunny summer driving.

The only other job I have managed to do is replace the PVC edging with some of Duncan’s alloy edging. Most of which I have managed to fit by using a rubber mallet and brute force.

I have not started on the seats as yet but the new shocks are under the bench waiting to be fitted.

I have also started on a 3 piece tonneau cover using single duck fabric. First using brown paper as a template followed by a cotton template which needs a bit of adjustment before the final cut out and fitting.

So, a bit of a bad year. But hopefully I may get to go to the cafe on the Horseshoe Pass before the end of the year?

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