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I don't really understand where this summer has gone! We went back to Ireland in April without the Pembleton and missed having Quicksilver to enjoy during the loveley weather in late spring. We planned to fly back for a couple of weeks in July but Ryanair's strike meant we couldn't fly back on the scheduled date. I had to be back in Ireland so I agreed with Ryanair, via an on-line chat session, that they would pay for the return ferry crossing for the Pembleton - don't believe anything they tell you! When I tried to claim they rejected the claim citing exceptional circumstances. That is now with an arbitration service but I don't expect much joy. I should have captured screen shots of the chat session as some proof of their agreeing to the arrangement. I wasn't after the EU261 compensation as it seems unreasonable to get hundreds of pounds back for a £10 ticket provided they pay my, I thought, agreed alternative travel costs. Given their attitude I am now claiming the EU261 money as well! People moan about Ryanair but I have travelled many time with them and they offer a very no-frills service. It costs me four times the price of a local bus ticket in Leeds to fly 200 miles to Dublin - that's cheap.

While we were in Leeds someone rolled backwards at a 'T' junction and apart from a burn on the plastic rear bumper of her Audi Quicksilver seemed undamaged and we parted ways. Later I noticed that it started jumping out of gear when accelerating. The engine now also had a list - the top engine hanger bracket had fractured. That required the removal of the 'U' shaped bar that I made to link the two brackets together and welding things together. It all seems to be fine for now.

cylinder head and barrel

After driving over to Ireland in the Pembleton I returned to blighty with the car. While driving round in Leeds the head gasket blew yet again. I noticed the retaining nuts weren't as tight as I would have expected - maybe I shoud have retightened them after letting everything settle down when I replaced the gasket and barrel last year ..... Luckly there was no damage to either the head or the barrel this time but to be sure I lapped both on a granite flat plate. It all went together without any problems.

I was a bit surprised that I didn't get a report of the recent German Three Wheer event in Scotland. The newsletter will only work if I get news to publish! Maybe someone could write a report ..... The Citroën Club had a 30 year anniversary event in the Lakes - again a report for the next newsletter would be welcome.

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