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Under bonnet jack storage mount


Jack Salter

Not wishing to take up valuable boot space in my Super Sport storing the jack, I made the holder in the attached photos.

I am using the Alko 1500kg jack that suits Pembletons, dimensions may need adjusting to fit other jacks. The bracket is made from 2 offcuts of 50mm x 50mm angle iron (left over from fitting a third track on my trailer) arc welded to form a rectangular section and cut away to fit over the chassis member under the gearbox, secured with 2 off M5 x 60mm bolts under the chassis rail (in the photos I have used a yellow piece of tube to represent the chassis rail).

As well as drilling lightening holes in the bracket I also lightened the jack, copying the sizes and spacing from the similarly constructed Volvo 240 jack in the photo.

In the picture showing the jack in situ eagle eyed readers might notice the cut down 2CV washer bottle being used to carry a litre oil container.

jack mounting
jack mounting
jack mounting

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