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Another year seems to have whizzed by with little to show. Some years ago I sent Peter Gibbs a set of disc brake calipers and he wanted to do something in return. As people might know Peter could and would mill things from billet aluminium. For example he made the footwells for Goliath from solid - anyhow he wondered what I'd like so I suggested a steering wheel boss. He used a CNC milling machine to make it with cut outs at the rear for the spokes and also engraved it with the car name and my name. I didn't think about how to mount it which meant I needed to do a bit of extra machining to be able to secure it from behind. I have been saving for a rainy day and decided that the rainy day had come. I splashed out on a new bench top milling machine (Sieg SX2.7) and some tooling. When I was back in Ireland I played with my new toy and did the required mods and the boss is now in place on the car. With hindsight I should have suggested a smaller font but it looks a lot better than the plain boss I made myself.

I noticed that one of the CVJ rubber boot has failed - the other side failed about a year ago. The rubber doesn't seem to be as rubbery as I would have expected. Start of old man's moan about 'progress' - rubber seems to have changed for the worse I have noticed that some modern inner tubes are made from something very synthetic and rubber solution doesn't stick at all. They also smell very strongly of creosote - end of moan

Jack Slaters first outing

Jack Salter send me this picture of his first outing in his car which he completed very quickly but I think the record is stil held by Phil with old number one. The grins on their faces says it all.

I did hope that I might get some reports of events that took place this autumn. The Citroën Specials Club ran a weekend event in the Lakes as a replacement for the 'Not 10,000ft' run in the Yorkshire Dales - did any Pembletons attend?I did think about going but I was in Ireland. This newsletter will only work if I get news!

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