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Carrying the Gamp


Mike Meakin


We have always travelled with a large, golf-type umbrella in Bolide. It's been useful in blistering, French sunshine and "au contraire", when it's persisting down so heavily that we HAVE to stop and there are no bridges/trees to duck under, to stem the flow of rain. The problem has always been that when not being used, the only place long enough to accommodate a furled gamp, over a meter long, has been against the passenger's cockpit side – inevitably, the pointed end or the handle imposes itself on "the passenger".

In The Wilbot, Colin Wilson managed to incorporate a long, slim, conical "scabbard" attached outboard of the passenger side. In a Pembleton, there just isn't the length or height to achieve the same, without looking like an ammunitions carrier.

Ten years down the road, we have a solution (initiated by Martin C for Bamm-Bamm) for gamp carrying in Bolide. A black canvas sheath (using material left over from the tonneau) houses the brolly. Two "bungees with balls" slip round the leather bonnet straps, holding the brolly with its point resting on the lamp bar and its handle just forward of the indicator repeater. When the car is parked up, the brolly and bungees go in the cockpit, under the tonneau. There doesn't appear any noticeable difference having a sheathed gamp on the bonnet side, as far as the car's performance is concerned.



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