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High Beam telltale Lens


Sam McIntyre

high beam indicator

They say the devil is in the detail, and that a Pembleton is never finished….

I’ve been occasionally bugged by the red telltale for high beam on my dash, red because the correct blue ones are difficult to find, and because at first glance you don’t know if it’s the potentially more significant oil, brake fluid or generator warning light. So I finally resolved to do something about it, after 8 years on the road!

A quick advert on the Forum produced a spare telltale from Niall (Thanks!), and I set about carefully drilling out the lens with progressively larger bits. A search round the house produced a cheap charity pen with that brittle translucent blue plastic on the rounded end. A sharp tool in the lathe reduced this to the right size, and a dab of superglue secured it. The photo shows the end result.

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