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Possible thoughts for new builders


Tom Rae

I am in the process of restoring Snotamog which has given pretty good service over the 8½ years it has been on the road and it has covered a few miles. This has given me the opportunity to incorporate (or leave out) modifications to the original concept that suit my specific needs. Some mods are my invention others are shamelessly copied from elsewhere. It was suggested to me that others may also want to consider some, or all, of the modifications. I am not trying to be a smart *ss or say it is the way to go and my metal working skills are somewhat basic so if I can do it you can almost definitely do it better. I have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying the rebuild process and can "commend it to the house".

Spring cans

1) Following grounding and droopy springs in the past and the odd clunk, I have abandoned the standard spring supports and reverted to the original Citroen spring cans, welded directly to the crossmember with a strap underneath just in case.


2) I am fitting a bullet tail and I have built in the rear deck to add luggage space length.

3) I have added a higher front hoop, aft of the instrument panel to mount the Brooklands screens horizontally, this gives more cover from the elements for a softy.

Electrics compartment

4) The knife edges have been abandoned and replaced with rose joints. I halved the size of the glove box, making the further reaches into a separate compartment to house the electrics.

5) I am fitting an underslung gear change (thanks Mike) which conveniently frees up under bonnet space for stuff or to 7)

Tool box

6) Fit a toolbox in the released space under the bonnet.

Instrument cover and hatch

7) I have also made a cover for the rear of the instruments and an access hatch for clutch and accelerator cable replacement.

Swing arm hatch

8) Another access hatch will facilitate rear swing arm fitting and removal, I am surprised that the standard build has no such option requiring damaging metal surgery to remove the swing arm should attention be required.

Happy Building season


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