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SVA compliant steering column

Details of the sliding coupling Phil needs to be set in to the 2CV solid steering column for SVA.

The coupling comes from Vauxhall models (Cavalier/Astra) dating from 1980s. It is actually the top of the steering column, incorporating the steering lock "keep" and is connected to the lower column via a rubber "doughnut" coupling. Later models (1990s) have an expanded metal outer section which is bolted to the underside of the dash with shear bolts (to prevent access to the column lock). Simply removing the steering wheel (large nut, tab washer on tight splines) and the rubber doughnut coupler allows the bit needed to be knocked down. Attached is a photo of the required bit, with indication of where it will be cut off and set in to the 2CV column.

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Mike Meakin

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