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Small block Moto Guzzi engine/2CV gearbox adaptor

More and more people are planning to fit small block Moto Guzzi engines to both Brooklands and Supersport models. There have been a number of articles and discussions on the forum and this page is intended to bring all this material together in one place.

These links open a new window for useful articles (listed by author) on this website

The following drawings (last updated 16/02/2012), by dpaws_Trieste, are based on measurements taken by David Tocher and confirmed by dpaws_Trieste. The .pdf files require Adobe Acrobat to view and the .dxf files require AutoCAD or similar to view. The pictures of the drawings are not corrected.
The AutoCAD format may be of use by CNC programs. If anyone does generate CNC files could they send them for inclusion in this section?
Please note that there may still be errors in the drawings so proceed with caution!
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No information available Flywheel Adaptor Plate 1 Rev B.pdf
Flywheel Adaptor Plate 1 Rev B.dxf
No information available Flywheel Adaptor Plate 2 rev B.pdf
Flywheel Adaptor Plate 2 Rev B.dxf
No information available FlyWheel Adaptor Plates Asy.pdf
FlyWheel Adaptor Plates Asy.dxf
No information available Adaptor Plate Rev C.pdf
Adaptor Plate 1 Rev C.dxf

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