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Having fitted an overbored T3 engine to my Super Sports with Phil's conversion, I looked at the carb stub kit supplied by Phil, but couldn't see a way to use the bits of steel pipe and flanges with the standard Dell'Orto carbs. The most obvious location is the space between the lamp bar and the conversion plate, but this would involve an outwards turn in the carb mounting tubes, whereas the standard Guzzi ones turn in to keep the carbs under the tank. I tried sawing the bent tubes off the flanges of the Guzzi mounts to turn them through 180 degrees and re-weld, but didn't like the angles this produced for the carbs. In the end, I had new flanges machined in alloy, thicker than the originals so I could tap in easily accessed gauges for carb balancing, very necessary to keep these big motors smooth. I had trouble getting alloy pipe of the correct bore and wall thickness, but a local model makers supplies found me some at a good price. This was turned down at one end to match the carb, the other end cut at the required shallow angle (trial and error, several small cuts to get it right), and each one adjusted to length to allow for cylinder offset, air filters (I've used conical motorcycle ones), and clearance for removing the carbs later. There isn't much margin for error. The tubes were then welded to the flanges, and the bore cleaned up in the weld area with a riffler file. The result was a clean gas flow between carb and head, important as I'm retaining the small valve T3 heads to give torque at lower revs rather than top end speed. I had to slot the outer one of the 3 mounting holes in the flange, as the Allen bolt has to be fitted loosely to the head first, because of the outward turn of the tube. The end result tucks the carbs neatly into the space available. My car isn't finished yet, so a road test awaits, but it starts and idles well, and runs up the rev range like a good Guzzi should!

These images are of the carburettors of my big block Moto Guzzi installed in a Pembleton.


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